A Change is Gonna Come

There comes a time on our spiritual paths when we step into another realm of being. The change that takes place feels weird and alien. It does so because the spiritual work we do on this plane of existence is felt in many other realms of existence. The Universe takes notice and change happens.

As we learn to release, as we learn to give, as we learn to love openly we are suddenly thrust into a different state of mind and being. We feel alone, separate and at the same time connected to everything in the universe. Our friends and family don’t understand us anymore. Because of this we think that maybe we are going a little crazy and think about returning to our old selves again. Do NOT do it!

This change, this transformation is the next step in our growth and evolution. As we grow spiritually, mindful of every thought and deed, mindful of our speech and our behavior, we become something else. We become something more. Our energy is more vibrant. Our frequencies vibrate faster. We become the Light in the world.

Please do not be frightened of this new way of being. You will lose what you have gained. Instead, turn up the volume of your spirit filled energy and move through the world as spirit would. We all are spirit after all.

Don’t worry about family and friends. Sometimes we make the mistake of lowering our vibrations to meet those of the people around us. Instead raise your vibrations and soon those people will elevate as well.

We are divine beings with a mission on this earth. If you are still struggling with your spirituality seek out an enlightened teacher or holistic therapist to help you. The world itself is changing. You see the upheaval every day. There are powers at work making way for a much bigger change. We are part of that change. YOU are part of that change.

It’s all about love and evolution!

Be Blessed
Know you are Loved!
Rev. Dr. Sandy

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