Calling All Warriors of Healing and Wholeness!

With Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Jose, and all the other that have come too close together in time and around the world. We really need to take a look at the causes. Our planet is being ravaged, raped and decimated. In the United States fracking, pipelines and fossil fuels are destroying our earth. With so many alternatives already in place we, the people, need to fight at the polls and make strong statements to our representatives that we want clean fuels now. The Big oil companies are just too greedy to allow green fuels to happen on a wide scale basis. It is up to us to make it happen. It’s time to put the pressure on our government to allow green fuels to become mainstream and be rid of fossil fuels once and for all. I’m sure the oil magnets will not suffer with their billions of dollars in profits each year. The two centuries of polluting of our Mother Earth, inducing savage storms, earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis, mudslides and avalanches happening all over the earth should be a wake-up call for us all. I for one am tired of the oil companies’ greed and denial of climate change. Our Mother will continue to purge and cleanse herself. If we continue to do nothing to help her heal we will all be gone very soon.

I am on a mission with a fiery passion. I have redefined my purpose. I am here to educate, support, heal and nurture anyone who is tired of the same. It has always been my passion to wake people up to their own disharmony, illness and cognitive dysfunction and to teach them how to heal, to become whole and complete. When a person is whole and complete within and without they are led by a higher mind, a divine consciousness that leads each one to better choices and decision making. Higher or Divine Mind allows us to be guided always in the right direction. It allows our bodies to become healthier and our minds to think clearly and accurately. We are able to move through this world being our very best selves for all concerned: ourselves, our families, our communities, our societies, our countries and our world. We are all connected. What affects one affects all in many ways both good and bad. Every living thing is affected. And yes, you play a part in the outcome.

I am on a mission and I don’t pull punches. I am straight forward, but kind. I know my path is to heal and not tear down, but I will not side step what needs to be said or done for the good of all. It won’t take long, but the road is not an easy one. Depending on where one is in life and consciousness will tell if it’s a many years journey or a short few months journey. But from my experience, everyone who chooses to be led by a higher consciousness will be on this path for life, always learning, always growing, always evolving.

If you are ready, if you are tired of the way the world is behaving, then let’s get to it. I will be holding a series of teleconferences beginning in the fall of 2017. These teleconferences will teach you how to shift your thinking to a higher state; teach you the path to an evolved consciousness, and help you become a leader in the fight against the destruction of our beautiful blue planet, ourselves and our sentient family. It is up to each of us to help our sisters and brothers. Each one Teach One as the saying goes. Heal yourself, then help to heal others. This is the mission of human compassion and understanding, something we all have.

I will be sending notice when these classes will begin so you can register. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know. I love you…all of you, and I care what happens to you and our world. Sit back no longer. Take action to heal self first so you can be a warrior of healing and wholeness to others and our Great Mother Earth.

Thank you and Many Blessings!

Rev. Dr. Sandy

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