Creating Balance

There is a dynamic happening in our society as we speak.

Men are balancing with their feminine sides.

Women are balancing out their masculine sides.

Masculine/Feminine and Feminine/Masculine.

Humans in balance are more open to their inner source.

Humans in balance see with better eyes, hear with better ears.

Humans in balance can be vulnerable and honest.

Humans in balance are more trusting and open.

What does society look like when the people in it are

Balanced, Open, Honest, Vulnerable, Trustworthy?

It becomes Safe, Pleasant, Meaningful, Collective.

Society needs the Balance of Masculine and Feminine.

Take a look, as I have, at the balance within the self.

Is your masculine and feminine within

co-existing, communicating and embracing as one?

Let us become the change we need in the world.

Each one reach one, teach one, embrace one.

This is how we elevate ourselves and become a collective society.

This is how we move forward into a collective consciousness.

Collective consciousness is can set the stage for elevated living.

Let us begin with peace within ourselves.

Let us begin with balancing our energies and emotions.

Let us begin by acknowledging our divine right to freedom.

Freedom from oppression, poverty, hunger, war, despair…

Just begin!

Thank you, Many Blessings & Munaymanta!

Rev. Dr. Sandy

Get on the Soul Train

Most people rarely realize that the soul should be addressed right along with the mental, emotional and physical. Healing only takes place when all aspects of a person are included in the care being given. As well, when doctors, mental health providers/psychiatrists and others meet with you and you might tell them about a different ailment you have, those providers may ignore them or table them for another visit ($).

As human beings we should learn how to care for ourselves. There is enough information out there (internet, etc.) where a person can find an alternative and natural remedy to treat and heal almost everything.

In your back yard are plants that heal: dandelion, milk thistle, wild lettuce and depending on where you live you’ll find mullein, stinging nettle, yarrow and so many more! Most people see these plants and think they are just weeds. They are powerful medicine when used correctly.

Other ways we can care for ourselves is to meditate daily. Even just five minutes can do wonders. It can help relieve stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and assist in body regulation. Better yet, take a walk in nature and meditate with the trees. Take off your shoes and allow yourself to feel the earth, our Pachamama, under your feet. Modern humans have lost our connection to nature. Walking barefoot, deliberately, on the earth is a surefire way to re-connect with nature and our mother earth. Get back in the rhythm of nature.

Eating for nutrition is extremely important. Find out what your body needs. It will usually tell you by the cravings you are having, BUT be careful, as our bodies will choose junk over nutrition if that is all we have been ingesting! Your body will crave salty things, sweet things, it will even crave fresh vegetables. Have you ever just wanted a really good fresh salad? You body is telling you it needs these nutrients.

R&R: Rest and Relaxation is so important. Especially in today’s whirlwind world we live in, we need to make time to rest and replenish ourselves. That last email to send or that nagging Facebook post can wait until you have done what you need to do for you. How about sitting in the silence and just breathing or going on a mini retreat for a day or two. Have a spa day at home. There is so much we can do to replenish ourselves.

Our souls respond to every other part of our human constitution. When the mental, emotional or physical is out of whack, our soul self is depleted of much needed energy. Here’s the kicker! When we work with and address our soul growth and evolution everything else, mental, emotional and physical starts to line up.

Do something good for yourself today and everyday! You are worth it!

Thank you, Many Blessings, Munaymanta!

Rev. Dr. Sandy

In like a Lion!

Yes, March has definitely come in like a lion here in the Northeast! Let’s hope it really does go out like a lamb. With Daylight Savings time approaching and spring soon to come, it feels lighter and more alive. I was caught up in the wind storm we had on Monday 2/25. I was at a pond with a friend who is teaching me #Dagara medicine. We did ceremony at the pond at the end of his street and boy, was it wiiiindy! I placed my artes (sacred items from my #Pachakuti tradition mesa on a rock sitting just at the water’s edge. But the wind kept wanting to blow them away. They were shells and other water objects to be charged with the pond’s water. Stacking them atop each other did help.

The wind was ferocious. Even with heavy winter gloves on my fingers stung from the cold. I felt stressed and uncomfortable. Then, my friend and teacher pointed out two swans lazily swimming by us in that freezing pond that was solid ice at its center and about 15 feet of liquid water around its perimeter. I watched those swans gently float by. They showed no distress, no fear, no sense of being uncomfortable from the cold and wind. My friend said and I’m paraphrasing here, “Look at them. What can they tell us about ourselves and nature?”

That was a profound question for me. Here I was almost in a complaint mode about the weather, with fingers turning blue even with my gloves on. I realized and questioned myself that if those two swans can be so relaxed in this weather why can’t I?

I am grateful to my friend and #Dagara Medicine Elder, #Ukumbwa Sauti for bringing that to my attention. Doing the work I do, I try to always be mindful about my mental and emotional states. I am very good at knowing when, what and why a certain emotion will arise and what to do with it. This time I was made to understand how emotions can arise due to the strangest circumstances. In my case 60 MPH wind gusts at a 28 degree temperature and a zero degree wind chill. I felt frozen solid while there until the swan teachers showed up. Once I was made to understand I was able to complete my ceremony, retrieve all my artes and walk back to the house without the emotional state I had conjured when I first arrived or fighting against the cold.

That is another lesson. Emotional states can be conjured. We need to be aware and mindful of when we do conjure them. Be mindful of what emotion we have conjured, why we conjured it and what affect it has on ourselves, others and our environment. What element, weather pattern, natural phenomena will cause you to conjure up certain emotions. Re-member, emotions are natural feeling responses to both mind and body stimulation.

I love being in nature in any environment, but especially the trees. I have always noticed my emotional states while in nature. They are usually very mellow and meditative or even stimulated and exhilarated depending on where I am and what I’m doing. I had never noticed the hard emotions while being in nature, like the wind storm. Even though my emotional state was one of protecting myself and feeling distressed that I couldn’t, I still hadn’t noticed until the swan teachers were brought to my attention. From here on out I will be more aware of my emotions, conjured or not, when I am in the elements of nature! Winter, Spring, Summer. Fall. What do these seasons conjure for you?

Thank you, Many Blessings & Much Munay

Rev. Dr. Sandy

A Change is Gonna Come

There comes a time on our spiritual paths when we step into another realm of being. The change that takes place feels weird and alien. It does so because the spiritual work we do on this plane of existence is felt in many other realms of existence. The Universe takes notice and change happens.

As we learn to release, as we learn to give, as we learn to love openly we are suddenly thrust into a different state of mind and being. We feel alone, separate and at the same time connected to everything in the universe. Our friends and family don’t understand us anymore. Because of this we think that maybe we are going a little crazy and think about returning to our old selves again. Do NOT do it!

This change, this transformation is the next step in our growth and evolution. As we grow spiritually, mindful of every thought and deed, mindful of our speech and our behavior, we become something else. We become something more. Our energy is more vibrant. Our frequencies vibrate faster. We become the Light in the world.

Please do not be frightened of this new way of being. You will lose what you have gained. Instead, turn up the volume of your spirit filled energy and move through the world as spirit would. We all are spirit after all.

Don’t worry about family and friends. Sometimes we make the mistake of lowering our vibrations to meet those of the people around us. Instead raise your vibrations and soon those people will elevate as well.

We are divine beings with a mission on this earth. If you are still struggling with your spirituality seek out an enlightened teacher or holistic therapist to help you. The world itself is changing. You see the upheaval every day. There are powers at work making way for a much bigger change. We are part of that change. YOU are part of that change.

It’s all about love and evolution!

Be Blessed
Know you are Loved!
Rev. Dr. Sandy

I Took a Journey…!

The last few months of my healing journey have had it’s ups and downs. However, the pain of my physical recovery has caused me into a state of perpetual meditation and prayer. Help and information came to me to assist in relieving my pain although I still have a way to go. I am thankful for the help I received and grateful that I am much more mobile than in the past months since February.

Staying in a perpetual state of meditation and prayer opened my eyes. I found I am able to remain in this state even when I am working or with friends or on a trip to the grocery store. The Buddhists speak of being able to meditate even while riding a bus. Now I know what they speak of. It’s wonderful! I am in a constant state of peace even through chaos and disruption.

There is so much help available to us. So many spirits, angels, animal guides, ascended masters and so on. They want to help us, but we have to reach out to them. Unfortunately, many of us have become so densely matter-ed to this earth plane we cannot see what is in front of us. Well…

I Took a Journey

When I say I took a journey I am not speaking of getting on a plane and traveling to another earthly destination. Indeed, something powerful happened; something sacred happened.

Many years ago in the late 1980’s I was in emotional pain. I called to God and the heavens to help relieve my pain. After some time the result came in the form of writing down what seven marvelous Spirit Guides told me. The guides, who simply called themselves “The Seven” stayed with me for another three years.

I thought I had lost them due to a crazy marriage and an even crazier divorce in the 1990’s. Later in the 90’s I had the opportunity to travel to New Mexico where I spent 10 days with a Yuwipi Man. Okay, a Yuwipi is a Medicine Man, but like the difference between a Neurosurgeon and a general Practitioner. The Yuwipi is the Neurosurgeon.

It was there that I began to learn Traditional Native Medicine. I spent nearly 3-4 months of each year studying under this Yuwipi. For another few years we kept in touch via email, phone and Facebook of course. During the early times I learned to travel and visit the spirit realms where my spirit guides came to be known; some animal guides and some spirit guides. The Yuwipi had 37 Spirit helpers. I had 3.

I came back to Boston with a new meaning for my life. However, life had changed for me after the divorce and I went back to grad school and then for my Ph.D. a little later. After some time I thought I had lost my spirit helpers again. I hadn’t called on them. I hadn’t used them in a medicinal way. Now, I’m thinking, What am I doing to have lost The Seven and my spirit helpers?

Just recently, during my recovery, I began to practice “journeying” again. At first I wasn’t sure if I still could, but I got my rattle and began rattling away while singing my spirit song. Before long I was in my old, but beautiful place. A massive circle of tall grass with wildflowers all about. The grassy area was surrounded by a dense woods and beamed with the brilliance of the sun. I was in my happy place!

I called out and asked if my spirit helpers would come back to me. Suddenly a dark shadow loomed overhead. It became so intense that it darkened the whole area. I felt a strong wind behind me. I felt something land behind me and as I turned around it was a massively sized eagle, old, wise and strong. To my right from out of the woods another massively sized animal made an appearance. It was an elk with a rack the size of 2 small trees. From the woods came another, a cougar, again massive in size. To my left came a massive draft horse.

Now, I am surrounded by these four massive animal spirits. I asked each one if they were my spirit animals and each one nodded yes. They did not speak, but I could hear them just the same. One of them asked me, “Where have you been?” I had no answer, but to say, “I am here now and I need you, all of you.” Suddenly these great shards of light drifted slowly from above. Each shard was like a pillar of brilliant light. When they touched down I counted seven, WHAT??? I had to ask, “Are you my seven? The answer was "Yes. We have never left you.” I did wonder why they presented in these luminous shards of light. When they first came to me they were in a more human form just very tall, about 15 feet tall and beautiful! They said, “You are ready now to see us in this form." So be it. I am grateful!

I won’t tell you what messages they had for me or the other journey’s I have taken and will continue to take. That information will be in my upcoming book (shhh!). I will tell you that journeying is a powerful way to connect with your guides and teachers. It is a way to travel through space & time, forward and backward and in between. (Don’t think in terms of matter, think in terms of light and energy.)

This fall I will be holding a group to meet weekly to practice the art of journeying. If you are interested, please drop me a line and let me know. I will tell you this, my pain is nearly gone and I was expected to be on pain drugs and other therapies for at least one year as my spine heals and fuses. NOT! I expect to be in full recovery very soon. I have the help of the heavens and the under earth, middle earth and over earth with me.

Be Blessed

Know you are Loved!

Rev. Dr. Sandy

Complacent, Uncaring or just Ignorant???

“No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein.

All we see in the mainstream news media these days is violence, political and corporate corruption, war and mayhem around the world. These images and thought forms being created and forced upon us tend to cause a state of hypnosis among the masses of people around the world. We believe what we see without question and we fall prey to a consciousness of mistrust, doubt, anger, and pain. We believe, without question, that even our neighbors may be terrorists, gangsters or criminals out to cause us harm. We become paranoid, and in severe cases, delusional. We are so mistrusting or others that we actually believe we are always unsafe and have a need to find and incriminate an innocent bystander and protect ourselves in extraordinarily nonsensical ways. .

Now, I’m not saying there is no real corruption in our society. There definitely is. What I am saying is we need NOT to take things at face value. There is always a root cause and that cause may not be exactly what we’ve been told.

I am concerned about the world. I am concerned about my Nation, I am concerned about my home state of Massachusetts and my community. I am concerned that this Nation is falling behind the rest of the world. I am concerned that we are so asleep that we will be the cause our beautiful Nation, every living forest and it’s creatures; our ecosystem and our environment, to be destroyed, by one person at a time.

Look around you. Better yet, look up. Look up at the sky and tell me what you see. What are those long lasting streaks in the sky? Look at your food. What do you see? What do those numbers on your fruits and vegetables mean and why are we eager to consume them without finding out? We have an overabundance of genetically modified and genetically engineered foods that include both plants and animals: almost every animal bred and all factory farmed animals for human consumption. We have more sickness, debilitating sickness, and death than ever before. Why? Could it be those GM and GE foods? Hmmm!

What we do not see in the world is the shift that is happening. Mainstream news media won’t publicize the good that is happening. It won’t allow us to see the changes being made all over the world. It is not newsworthy to show us the millions of people who have had a shift and a raising of their consciousness’ to make real change for good. Is it only our Nation, the good ol’ USA that is asleep? We may not be the only Nation, but we are certainly one of the largest and most powerful Nations that are just sleepwalking into our destruction? This can cause a residual effect around the world and at the very least on our own continent. How many species of animals have already gone extinct in our lifetime? Too many, and we may be next over the next few generations if we’re not very, very careful.

I am asking my friends, neighbors, community, state, and Nation to become one of the Awakened Ones. Do your own research from alternative, but reliable and truthful news sources. Find out what you are eating, stop littering and buying plastic, stop smoking cigarettes and other nicotine products, plant a tree or shrub and stop cutting them down. Stop NOT caring about yourself, your children and your environment. Get educated and share with your tribe. Plant seeds of knowledge and wisdom. Together we can make a difference, but it takes one person at a time to make the change and begin planting seeds for good. So, will you play a role in the current worldwide shift? Or will you remain complacent?

We need to raise our consciousness to one of love. That may sound corny, but it means loving ourselves and our communities enough to create change. I love you.

Remember, “No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein.

(This documentary is about 2 hours, but very worthwhile. Please watch.)

One Person Can Make a Difference. “A Native American Prophecy.”
(This video is only about 10 minutes, but very profound!)

Want positive news sources?

Many Blessings!

Rev. Dr. Sandy

Angels of Healing & Wholeness

I apologize for not being able to send out both a January & February newsletter. Many of you know that I have been struggling with Spinal Stenosis and Sciatica for about the last 7-8 months. Years ago, when I heard someone else speak about their sciatic pain, I had no idea the extent of their suffering. Now, I know, up close and personal. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, not even Donald Trump…lol! The thing is, and most of you know me, I do not take pain meds. I prefer the natural route, a holistic approach to healing. But I realized that sometimes, I need a little extra help and so I will be undergoing surgery on February 13th to clean out and repair my spine and relieve this pain.

I suppose I am more concerned about my recovery than my current, extreme levels of pain. What you don’t know is that I moved into my office space back in October 2017. My recovery (of 3 to 6 months) will most likely be spent here in this space if I can still work. If not, that is another story and I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I still plan to open my new counseling & wellness center as soon as I raise enough funding, hense, my GoFundMe campaign. A two family home or one family converted into a wellness center on the first floor and a forever home for me on the second floor. Once again, I am asking for your donation of $5, $10 or more to help me achieve my goal and have a place to recover in good health. A much larger donation has gift incentives attached, so maybe consider a larger donation as well. You can review those incentives on the GoFundMe page.

This Intentional Wisdom is more of an acknowledgement and acceptance of how frail humans really are, of how frail I am. I have been so blessed throughout my life, even with all my challenges and struggles. I have followed my own advice with regard to being mindful, being in the present and meditating daily. I do a lot of inner work, I pray, I watch my thoughts, and I analyze my growth on a daily basis. I ask, ‘Am I doing what I teach others to do? Am I living how I teach others to live? Am I staying on the path of Ascension in consciousness?

I am and I do practice what I preach or teach, but sometimes it’s hard. I’m sure you know how hard staying the path can be. Still, I do it. With all the pain and the struggle of my circumstances I find myself, at times, doubting the powers at work in my life, but I quickly, and I mean really quickly, recover from all that self-doubt. I remember that I am a divine being, a daughter of the All That Is. And that all the pain and all the struggle presents itself to assist me to grow and evolve. I also know that we are all divine beings on a path to Ascension in divine consciousness. We all have our struggles and challenges. I have spent most of my life helping others to relieve their pain and suffering. Now, I am asking you to help relieve mine. Please make a donation today.

I thank you with all my heart and soul. And I pray for each of you, every single day. I ask that you might keep me in your healthy thoughts & prayers as I undergo this extensive surgical procedure and recovery. Only thoughts & emotions of light and healing please. I do not need pity or sympathy, just healing and wholeness! For this I am grateful. And I am grateful for your donation today!

Peace & Many Blessings!

Rev. Dr. Sandy

What Will You Give This Holiday Season?

The holidays are upon us and whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza or the Winter Solstice, all of us at Intentional Self want to wish you the best of everything wonderful, fulfilling and loving for your celebration.

I stopped celebrating the commercialized Christmas many, many years ago. In its place I celebrate life, family, friends, colleagues and associates with healing and wellbeing. Whether you know it or not I will be sending you a powerful energy and Reiki healing for the holiday to help you through these times and provide a push for success into the New Year!

This is a time to think about what the holidays mean to you. In reality these are just one (or several) of the 365 days we live throughout the year, but this time of year should bring out the best in all of us. It’s really not about Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales or getting the most or the least expensive gifts to unwrap and then be thrilled or disappointed.

It all boils down to our expectations. We expect we will be gifted something wonderful. When we are not, we get disappointed. We expect someone will show us how much he or she loves us. When they do not, we become sad. We expect family and friends to come through for us. When they do not we experience disillusionment. You get the idea, don’t you?

I’m not saying not to buy gifts for those you think highly of, especially the children. I am saying not to forget the value and purpose of this season. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach our children, and remember for ourselves, the value of giving and sharing from the heart, to treat others as we wish to be treated, to provide a hug or your time to someone in need.

Below are a few values associated with each of the holidays celebrated at this time of year:

The Seven principles of the African celebration of Kwanza:

1) Unity: Umoja (oo–MO–jah) To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.

2) Self-determination: Kujichagulia (koo–gee–cha–goo–LEE–yah) To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves.

3) Collective Work and Responsibility: Ujima (oo–GEE–mah) To build and maintain our community together and make our brother’s and sister’s problems our problems and to solve them together.

4) Cooperative Economics: Ujamaa (oo–JAH–mah) To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together.

5) Purpose: Nia (nee–YAH) To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

6) Creativity: Kuumba (koo–OOM–bah) To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

7) Faith: Imani (ee–MAH–nee) To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle. (

In Judaism, Hanukkah purports the following values:

a. Never be afraid to stand up for what’s right. Judah Maccabee and his band faced daunting odds, but that didn’t stop them. With a prayer on their lips and faith in their heart, they entered the battle of their lives—and won. We can do the same.

b. Always increase in matters of goodness and Torah-observance. Sure, a single flame was good enough for yesterday, but today needs to be even better.

c. little light goes a long way. The Chanukah candles are lit when dusk is falling. Perched in the doorway, they serve as a beacon for the darkening streets. No matter how dark it is outside, a candle of G dly goodness can transform the darkness itself into light.

d. Take it to the streets. Chanukah is unique in that its primary mitzvah is observed in public. It’s not enough to be a Jew at heart, or even at home. Chanukah teaches us to shine outwards into our surroundings with the G dly glow of mitzvahs.

e. Don’t be ashamed to perform mitzvahs, even if you will feel different. Rather, be like a menorah, proudly proclaiming its radiant uniqueness for all to see. (

A Christian Christmas and the values to teach our children and ourselves.

1. Strengthen their Faith. Jesus is the reason for [Christmas]. Share to them the heartwarming story of the infant Jesus– the real symbol of Christmas. Make it a tradition to observe the 9-day Christmas novena masses as a family. More than the festivities, prayer is one of the best ways to honor this season.

2. Inspire them to Hope. Inspire our children to dream, to wish, to hope for greater things in life. Christmas is the best time to share our hopes and dreams as a family. It is also the perfect opportunity to appreciate the goodness in every one, as well as the blessing that they are in our lives.

3. Celebrate Love. Christmas is truly a celebration of love. Encourage your children [and yourselves] to do random acts of kindness for their friends, family and others. Express love in different ways – be it thru quality time, words of love, acts of service. What matters most is that we fill our homes with love and let this love overflow in the hearts of our children.

4. Bond as a Family. Have fun and enjoy the traditional festivities of the season as a family… What’s important is for our children to cherish the warmth of family togetherness during this season. Make each moment count. Remember that Christmas is the best time to create perfect family moments

5. Value Simplicity.
The real value of a Christmas gift doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, simple but meaningful gifts are often more appreciated. Have our kids make creative arts and crafts as personalized gifts or ask them to assist us in making home-baked goodies for their friends, teachers and family. Show your children that the best gifts are really from the heart6.

6. Spread Christmas Joy thru Sharing. Nothing beats that pure joy we can experience thru giving and sharing. More importantly, it is an honor and privilege as parents to instill in our children the true meaning and essence of sharing and spreading the holiday cheer. Teach your children to give and to share – start with their friends and loved ones. Involve them in projects that reach out to the less fortunate. True happiness is not always about getting what they want for Christmas; rather, it’s about being able to give and making a difference in others.

7. Be Grateful.Count your blessings! Inspire your kids [and yourself] to be thankful for all the wonderful gifts they have received, regardless of the value. Teach them to be grateful most especially for the non-material gifts they are blessed with such as family, friends, time, love and many others. [As a family or even by yourself] you can come up with your own list of Christmas blessings which each are truly grateful for. It’s important for our kids [and us] to realize that there is so much more about Christmas beyond the merriment and the presents. We owe it to them to experience a meaningful, yet joyful season by properly instilling in them these priceless Christmas values.

8. Be Grateful. Count your blessings! Inspire your kids [and yourself] to be thankful for all the wonderful gifts they have received, regardless of the value. Teach them to be grateful most especially for the non-material gifts they are blessed with such as family, friends, time, love and many others. [As a family or even by yourself] you can come up with your own list of Christmas blessings which each are truly grateful for. It’s important for our kids [and us] to realize that there is so much more about Christmas beyond the merriment and the presents. We owe it to them to experience a meaningful, yet joyful season by properly instilling in them these priceless Christmas values.

Winter Solstice

Most of the customs, lore, symbols, and rituals associated with “Christmas” actually are linked to Winter Solstice celebrations of ancient Pagan cultures. While Christian mythology is interwoven with contemporary observances of this holiday time, its Pagan nature is still strong and apparent. Pagans today can readily re-Paganize Christmastime and the secular New Year by giving a Pagan spiritual focus to existing holiday customs and by creating new traditions that draw on ancient ways. Here are some ways to do this:

1) Celebrate Yule with a series of rituals, feasts, and other activities. In most ancient cultures, the celebration lasted more than a day. The ancient Roman Saturnalia festival sometimes went on for a week. Have Winter Solstice Eve and Day be the central focus for your household, and conceptualize other holiday festivities, including New Year’s office parties and Christmas visits with Christian relatives, as part of your Solstice celebration. By adopting this perspective, Pagan parents can help their children develop an understanding of the multicultural and interfaith aspects of this holiday time and view “Christmas” as just another form of Solstice.

2) Adorn the home with sacred herbs and colors. Decorate your home in Druidic holiday colors red, green, and white. Place holly, ivy, evergreen boughs, and pine cones around your home, especially in areas where socializing takes place. Include holiday herbs in it and then place it on your front door to symbolize the continuity of life and the wheel of the year. If you choose to have a living or a harvested evergreen tree as part of your holiday decorations, call it a Solstice tree and decorate it with Pagan symbols.

3) Convey love to family, friends, and associates. At the heart of Saturnalia was the custom of family and friends feasting together and exchanging presents. Continue this custom by visiting, entertaining, giving gifts, and sending greetings by mail and/or phone. Consider those who are and/or have been important in your life and share appreciation.

4) Reclaim Santa Claus as a Pagan Godform. Today’s Santa is a folk figure with multicultural roots. He embodies characteristics of Saturn (Roman agricultural god), Cronos (Greek god, also known as Father Time), the Holly King (Celtic god of the dying year), Father Ice/Grandfather Frost (Russian winter god), Thor (Norse sky god who rides the sky in a chariot drawn by goats), Odin/Wotan (Scandinavian/Teutonic All-Father who rides the sky on an eight-legged horse), Frey (Norse fertility god), and the Tomte (a Norse Land Spirit known for giving gifts to children at this time of year). Santa’s reindeer can be viewed as forms of Herne, the Celtic Horned God. Decorate your home with Santa images that reflect His Pagan heritage.

5) Honor the Goddess as Great Mother. Place Pagan Mother Goddess images around your home. You may also want to include one with a Sun child, such as Isis with Horus. Pagan Goddess forms traditionally linked with this time of year include Tonantzin (Native Mexican corn mother), Holda (Teutonic earth goddess of good fortune), Bona Dea (Roman women’s goddess of abundance and prophecy), Ops (Roman goddess of plenty), Au Set/Isis (Egyptian/multicultural All Goddess whose worship continued in Christian times under the name Mary), Lucina/St. Lucy (Roman/Swedish goddess/saint of light), and Befana (Italian Witch who gives gifts to children at this season).

6) Honor the new solar year with light. Do a Solstice Eve ritual in which you meditate in darkness and then welcome the birth of the sun by lighting candles and singing chants and Pagan carols. If you have a indoor fireplace or an outdoor fire circle, burn an oak log as a Yule log and save a bit to start next year’s fire. Decorate the inside and/or outside of your home with electric colored lights. Because of the popularity of five pointed stars as holiday symbols, this is a good time to display a pentagram of blue or white lights.

7) Contribute to the manifestation of more wellness on Planet Earth. Donate food and clothing to poor in your area. Volunteer time at a social service agency. Put up bird feeders and keep them filled throughout the winter to supplement the diets of wild birds. Donate funds and items to non-profit groups, such as Pagan/Wiccan churches and environmental organizations. Meditate for world peace. Work magic for a healthier planet. Make a pledge to do some form of good works in the new solar year.

So there you have it! Remember this can also be a season of heartbreak and sorrow for many. So many may have lost loved ones, are living alone, are homeless, hungry, weak or frail and can’t get around. It is a season for depression and sometimes suicidal ideation or actual attempts to end one’s life. We need to remember these people and do what we can to help comfort them just a little (or a lot if you’re able). Let them know they are valued and worthy of life and living. Remember not to look down on others less fortunate than you. Send them a blessings and some love. Energetically, it does help!

There are too many selfish and unconcerned people in the world who just don’t care about others, even within families. We need to remember that we are all connected, we are all one no matter your faith or beliefs. We are all manifestations of the source of All that Is. It is my hope that you will live the values of love, peace, compassion and care throughout this season and throughout the year to come!

Happy Holidays * Happy New Year * Be Blessed * Know you are Loved!

Many Blessings!
Rev. Sandy

Honoring Our Ancestors: A History lesson!

November is Native American heritage month. For me, I celebrate it all year round. Come Thanksgiving week, I am pulled by the beat of a different drum, a Native drum. You see, my birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day every 4 years or so (both joy and sadness). This year it falls the day after T-Day. This day, along with Columbus Day in October I do not celebrate. That would be like celebrating the genocide of my own people. T-Day week is our “Days of Mourning” with lots of prayers, singing, Talking Circles (to process the trauma), comfort, support, kindness, compassion, giveaways, sweat lodges and some fasting. We usually end the week with celebration in honor of our ancestors and the fact that we are still here, alive and strong all over this Nation. We feast, celebrate, and enjoy our relatives and friends, and yes, we do give thanks to our Creator, the Great Spirit for our very being, for being provided for. If you’d like to know more about the true story of Thanksgiving you can read it here:

This month we celebrate a new tradition: “Rock Your Mocs.” We wear our moccasins every day for a whole week, yes, even at work! This year it falls November 12-18. If you see me I’ll be wearing my mocs or mukluks, depending on how cold it is here! Please, I do ask, in honor of my Native relatives, that you do not sport moccasins that week if you are not native. It’s just a courtesy like not dressing up with a feather headdress on Halloween!

Of special importance is the honoring of our ancestors. Our ancestors, we believe are always with us, guiding us, teaching us, if we listen and see! We honor their lives and their spirits. Our strength is in their numbers on the other side and our elders who pass on cultural traditions. So is our peril if we do not remember them or bother to learn from them.

Honoring our ancestors is honoring ourselves as a people. So too, is the honoring of the ancestors of African Americans and their slave ancestors in this country, and the rich history of their ancestors in Africa. The Japanese Americans (and I’m sure some other Asians as well) who also were put on reservations better known as Internment Camps during WWII. America has a rich history of genocide of people with a lot more melanin.

This year give thanks for your ability and willingness to honor the rich and diverse histories and cultures of People of Color in this Nation. Indigenous Peoples, African peoples, Asian Peoples all built this Nation through their blood sweat and tears, and many times their very lives, literally! And please know that this blog is not to offend anyone, but to enlighten and hopefully open minds to see clearly the plight of people of color in this Nation. Diversity is always a blessings if we can ever learn to embrace it!

I Honor You! Many Blessings!
Rev. Sandy

Here’s the Lesson…!

Life has a way of moving us onto a new and sometimes very different path. At times that path may seem not to be chosen by us and something that we may never have chosen for ourselves. Our country is a perfect example. It appears split, divided and broken. Many of us feel broken or at least disillusioned, and can’t see a way to peace for all.

Here is the lesson: What is happening in our country and the world is a reflection of humanity’s collective ambivalence to and about our country and our planet. We’ve been ambivalent for a very long time. What exactly is ambivalence? Webster’s Dictionary states: “simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings (as attraction and repulsion) toward an object, person, or action” or “continual fluctuation (as between one thing and its opposite).”

There are those of us who focus on our individual needs, wants and desires to maintain what is best for our selves no matter who it hurts in the process. Selfish, individual needs are a primary importance and some will fight and even kill to maintain the status quo. Then there are those who fight against cruelty, discrimination, racism, sexism, mysogeny, etc. and will fight to the death, literally. We are even labeled “far right extremists” and “leftist liberals.” It makes no sense because, with the exception of a few on both sides, everyone wants basically the same thing.

There are those who are connected to the earth, our families and societies and do what we can to create change, a shift in consciousness to the reality of the chaos that is happening now. If you are one of those people whose consciousness in elevated, even just a little; if you are one of those people who recognize there is something wrong; if you are one of those people who know without a doubt that change must happen, then it’s time to take action. It’s time to begin on a personal level and gather your collective consciousness troops. Right and left move to the center collectively.

Here’s what you can do on a personal level:

1. Smile and greet others, even strangers, with a positive attitude and a hello.
2. Show kindness at all times
3. Give back or pay it forward
4. Surround yourself with healthy, positive people.
5. Clear your mind and heart of negativity.
6. Plant seeds of wisdom in others.
7. Never argue with a closed mind.
8. Present your very best self always, in all ways.
9. Think like a Creator.
10. Bless everyone, even those you don’t like or agree with.

Here’s what you can do on a societal & global level:

1. Keep your neighborhood clean. Don’t litter and pick up rubbish from the sidewalk.
2. Grow your own organic food gardens. Create a community organic food garden.
3. Use green fuels – solar and wind.
4. Plant a tree or 2 or 3.
5. Green your neighborhood with sidewalk or roadway native plant gardens.
6. Use non-plastic, reusable water bottles. Recycle, reuse, repurpose.
7. Use reusable bags in place of paper or plastic.
8. Ask for and buy wood and paper products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
9. Each One Teach One (or more).
10. Bless everyone and everything. Blessings have a way of spreading.

Speaking of blessings: Blessings heal, uplift, inspire, shift awareness, raise consciousness, and help all the world and its sentient beings become more intimate and compassionate. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, at any given time, send a blessing. Bless yourself.

Many Blessings!
Rev. Sandy