Complacent, Uncaring or just Ignorant???

“No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein.

All we see in the mainstream news media these days is violence, political and corporate corruption, war and mayhem around the world. These images and thought forms being created and forced upon us tend to cause a state of hypnosis among the masses of people around the world. We believe what we see without question and we fall prey to a consciousness of mistrust, doubt, anger, and pain. We believe, without question, that even our neighbors may be terrorists, gangsters or criminals out to cause us harm. We become paranoid, and in severe cases, delusional. We are so mistrusting or others that we actually believe we are always unsafe and have a need to find and incriminate an innocent bystander and protect ourselves in extraordinarily nonsensical ways. .

Now, I’m not saying there is no real corruption in our society. There definitely is. What I am saying is we need NOT to take things at face value. There is always a root cause and that cause may not be exactly what we’ve been told.

I am concerned about the world. I am concerned about my Nation, I am concerned about my home state of Massachusetts and my community. I am concerned that this Nation is falling behind the rest of the world. I am concerned that we are so asleep that we will be the cause our beautiful Nation, every living forest and it’s creatures; our ecosystem and our environment, to be destroyed, by one person at a time.

Look around you. Better yet, look up. Look up at the sky and tell me what you see. What are those long lasting streaks in the sky? Look at your food. What do you see? What do those numbers on your fruits and vegetables mean and why are we eager to consume them without finding out? We have an overabundance of genetically modified and genetically engineered foods that include both plants and animals: almost every animal bred and all factory farmed animals for human consumption. We have more sickness, debilitating sickness, and death than ever before. Why? Could it be those GM and GE foods? Hmmm!

What we do not see in the world is the shift that is happening. Mainstream news media won’t publicize the good that is happening. It won’t allow us to see the changes being made all over the world. It is not newsworthy to show us the millions of people who have had a shift and a raising of their consciousness’ to make real change for good. Is it only our Nation, the good ol’ USA that is asleep? We may not be the only Nation, but we are certainly one of the largest and most powerful Nations that are just sleepwalking into our destruction? This can cause a residual effect around the world and at the very least on our own continent. How many species of animals have already gone extinct in our lifetime? Too many, and we may be next over the next few generations if we’re not very, very careful.

I am asking my friends, neighbors, community, state, and Nation to become one of the Awakened Ones. Do your own research from alternative, but reliable and truthful news sources. Find out what you are eating, stop littering and buying plastic, stop smoking cigarettes and other nicotine products, plant a tree or shrub and stop cutting them down. Stop NOT caring about yourself, your children and your environment. Get educated and share with your tribe. Plant seeds of knowledge and wisdom. Together we can make a difference, but it takes one person at a time to make the change and begin planting seeds for good. So, will you play a role in the current worldwide shift? Or will you remain complacent?

We need to raise our consciousness to one of love. That may sound corny, but it means loving ourselves and our communities enough to create change. I love you.

Remember, “No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein.

(This documentary is about 2 hours, but very worthwhile. Please watch.)

One Person Can Make a Difference. “A Native American Prophecy.”
(This video is only about 10 minutes, but very profound!)

Want positive news sources?

Many Blessings!

Rev. Dr. Sandy

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