Creating Balance

There is a dynamic happening in our society as we speak.

Men are balancing with their feminine sides.

Women are balancing out their masculine sides.

Masculine/Feminine and Feminine/Masculine.

Humans in balance are more open to their inner source.

Humans in balance see with better eyes, hear with better ears.

Humans in balance can be vulnerable and honest.

Humans in balance are more trusting and open.

What does society look like when the people in it are

Balanced, Open, Honest, Vulnerable, Trustworthy?

It becomes Safe, Pleasant, Meaningful, Collective.

Society needs the Balance of Masculine and Feminine.

Take a look, as I have, at the balance within the self.

Is your masculine and feminine within

co-existing, communicating and embracing as one?

Let us become the change we need in the world.

Each one reach one, teach one, embrace one.

This is how we elevate ourselves and become a collective society.

This is how we move forward into a collective consciousness.

Collective consciousness is can set the stage for elevated living.

Let us begin with peace within ourselves.

Let us begin with balancing our energies and emotions.

Let us begin by acknowledging our divine right to freedom.

Freedom from oppression, poverty, hunger, war, despair…

Just begin!

Thank you, Many Blessings & Munaymanta!

Rev. Dr. Sandy

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