I Took a Journey…!

The last few months of my healing journey have had it’s ups and downs. However, the pain of my physical recovery has caused me into a state of perpetual meditation and prayer. Help and information came to me to assist in relieving my pain although I still have a way to go. I am thankful for the help I received and grateful that I am much more mobile than in the past months since February.

Staying in a perpetual state of meditation and prayer opened my eyes. I found I am able to remain in this state even when I am working or with friends or on a trip to the grocery store. The Buddhists speak of being able to meditate even while riding a bus. Now I know what they speak of. It’s wonderful! I am in a constant state of peace even through chaos and disruption.

There is so much help available to us. So many spirits, angels, animal guides, ascended masters and so on. They want to help us, but we have to reach out to them. Unfortunately, many of us have become so densely matter-ed to this earth plane we cannot see what is in front of us. Well…

I Took a Journey

When I say I took a journey I am not speaking of getting on a plane and traveling to another earthly destination. Indeed, something powerful happened; something sacred happened.

Many years ago in the late 1980’s I was in emotional pain. I called to God and the heavens to help relieve my pain. After some time the result came in the form of writing down what seven marvelous Spirit Guides told me. The guides, who simply called themselves “The Seven” stayed with me for another three years.

I thought I had lost them due to a crazy marriage and an even crazier divorce in the 1990’s. Later in the 90’s I had the opportunity to travel to New Mexico where I spent 10 days with a Yuwipi Man. Okay, a Yuwipi is a Medicine Man, but like the difference between a Neurosurgeon and a general Practitioner. The Yuwipi is the Neurosurgeon.

It was there that I began to learn Traditional Native Medicine. I spent nearly 3-4 months of each year studying under this Yuwipi. For another few years we kept in touch via email, phone and Facebook of course. During the early times I learned to travel and visit the spirit realms where my spirit guides came to be known; some animal guides and some spirit guides. The Yuwipi had 37 Spirit helpers. I had 3.

I came back to Boston with a new meaning for my life. However, life had changed for me after the divorce and I went back to grad school and then for my Ph.D. a little later. After some time I thought I had lost my spirit helpers again. I hadn’t called on them. I hadn’t used them in a medicinal way. Now, I’m thinking, What am I doing to have lost The Seven and my spirit helpers?

Just recently, during my recovery, I began to practice “journeying” again. At first I wasn’t sure if I still could, but I got my rattle and began rattling away while singing my spirit song. Before long I was in my old, but beautiful place. A massive circle of tall grass with wildflowers all about. The grassy area was surrounded by a dense woods and beamed with the brilliance of the sun. I was in my happy place!

I called out and asked if my spirit helpers would come back to me. Suddenly a dark shadow loomed overhead. It became so intense that it darkened the whole area. I felt a strong wind behind me. I felt something land behind me and as I turned around it was a massively sized eagle, old, wise and strong. To my right from out of the woods another massively sized animal made an appearance. It was an elk with a rack the size of 2 small trees. From the woods came another, a cougar, again massive in size. To my left came a massive draft horse.

Now, I am surrounded by these four massive animal spirits. I asked each one if they were my spirit animals and each one nodded yes. They did not speak, but I could hear them just the same. One of them asked me, “Where have you been?” I had no answer, but to say, “I am here now and I need you, all of you.” Suddenly these great shards of light drifted slowly from above. Each shard was like a pillar of brilliant light. When they touched down I counted seven, WHAT??? I had to ask, “Are you my seven? The answer was "Yes. We have never left you.” I did wonder why they presented in these luminous shards of light. When they first came to me they were in a more human form just very tall, about 15 feet tall and beautiful! They said, “You are ready now to see us in this form." So be it. I am grateful!

I won’t tell you what messages they had for me or the other journey’s I have taken and will continue to take. That information will be in my upcoming book (shhh!). I will tell you that journeying is a powerful way to connect with your guides and teachers. It is a way to travel through space & time, forward and backward and in between. (Don’t think in terms of matter, think in terms of light and energy.)

This fall I will be holding a group to meet weekly to practice the art of journeying. If you are interested, please drop me a line and let me know. I will tell you this, my pain is nearly gone and I was expected to be on pain drugs and other therapies for at least one year as my spine heals and fuses. NOT! I expect to be in full recovery very soon. I have the help of the heavens and the under earth, middle earth and over earth with me.

Be Blessed

Know you are Loved!

Rev. Dr. Sandy

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