In like a Lion!

Yes, March has definitely come in like a lion here in the Northeast! Let’s hope it really does go out like a lamb. With Daylight Savings time approaching and spring soon to come, it feels lighter and more alive. I was caught up in the wind storm we had on Monday 2/25. I was at a pond with a friend who is teaching me #Dagara medicine. We did ceremony at the pond at the end of his street and boy, was it wiiiindy! I placed my artes (sacred items from my #Pachakuti tradition mesa on a rock sitting just at the water’s edge. But the wind kept wanting to blow them away. They were shells and other water objects to be charged with the pond’s water. Stacking them atop each other did help.

The wind was ferocious. Even with heavy winter gloves on my fingers stung from the cold. I felt stressed and uncomfortable. Then, my friend and teacher pointed out two swans lazily swimming by us in that freezing pond that was solid ice at its center and about 15 feet of liquid water around its perimeter. I watched those swans gently float by. They showed no distress, no fear, no sense of being uncomfortable from the cold and wind. My friend said and I’m paraphrasing here, “Look at them. What can they tell us about ourselves and nature?”

That was a profound question for me. Here I was almost in a complaint mode about the weather, with fingers turning blue even with my gloves on. I realized and questioned myself that if those two swans can be so relaxed in this weather why can’t I?

I am grateful to my friend and #Dagara Medicine Elder, #Ukumbwa Sauti for bringing that to my attention. Doing the work I do, I try to always be mindful about my mental and emotional states. I am very good at knowing when, what and why a certain emotion will arise and what to do with it. This time I was made to understand how emotions can arise due to the strangest circumstances. In my case 60 MPH wind gusts at a 28 degree temperature and a zero degree wind chill. I felt frozen solid while there until the swan teachers showed up. Once I was made to understand I was able to complete my ceremony, retrieve all my artes and walk back to the house without the emotional state I had conjured when I first arrived or fighting against the cold.

That is another lesson. Emotional states can be conjured. We need to be aware and mindful of when we do conjure them. Be mindful of what emotion we have conjured, why we conjured it and what affect it has on ourselves, others and our environment. What element, weather pattern, natural phenomena will cause you to conjure up certain emotions. Re-member, emotions are natural feeling responses to both mind and body stimulation.

I love being in nature in any environment, but especially the trees. I have always noticed my emotional states while in nature. They are usually very mellow and meditative or even stimulated and exhilarated depending on where I am and what I’m doing. I had never noticed the hard emotions while being in nature, like the wind storm. Even though my emotional state was one of protecting myself and feeling distressed that I couldn’t, I still hadn’t noticed until the swan teachers were brought to my attention. From here on out I will be more aware of my emotions, conjured or not, when I am in the elements of nature! Winter, Spring, Summer. Fall. What do these seasons conjure for you?

Thank you, Many Blessings & Much Munay

Rev. Dr. Sandy

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