Get on the Soul Train

Most people rarely realize that the soul should be addressed right along with the mental, emotional and physical. Healing only takes place when all aspects of a person are included in the care being given. As well, when doctors, mental health providers/psychiatrists and others meet with you and you might tell them about a different ailment you have, those providers may ignore them or table them for another visit ($).

As human beings we should learn how to care for ourselves. There is enough information out there (internet, etc.) where a person can find an alternative and natural remedy to treat and heal almost everything.

In your back yard are plants that heal: dandelion, milk thistle, wild lettuce and depending on where you live you’ll find mullein, stinging nettle, yarrow and so many more! Most people see these plants and think they are just weeds. They are powerful medicine when used correctly.

Other ways we can care for ourselves is to meditate daily. Even just five minutes can do wonders. It can help relieve stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and assist in body regulation. Better yet, take a walk in nature and meditate with the trees. Take off your shoes and allow yourself to feel the earth, our Pachamama, under your feet. Modern humans have lost our connection to nature. Walking barefoot, deliberately, on the earth is a surefire way to re-connect with nature and our mother earth. Get back in the rhythm of nature.

Eating for nutrition is extremely important. Find out what your body needs. It will usually tell you by the cravings you are having, BUT be careful, as our bodies will choose junk over nutrition if that is all we have been ingesting! Your body will crave salty things, sweet things, it will even crave fresh vegetables. Have you ever just wanted a really good fresh salad? You body is telling you it needs these nutrients.

R&R: Rest and Relaxation is so important. Especially in today’s whirlwind world we live in, we need to make time to rest and replenish ourselves. That last email to send or that nagging Facebook post can wait until you have done what you need to do for you. How about sitting in the silence and just breathing or going on a mini retreat for a day or two. Have a spa day at home. There is so much we can do to replenish ourselves.

Our souls respond to every other part of our human constitution. When the mental, emotional or physical is out of whack, our soul self is depleted of much needed energy. Here’s the kicker! When we work with and address our soul growth and evolution everything else, mental, emotional and physical starts to line up.

Do something good for yourself today and everyday! You are worth it!

Thank you, Many Blessings, Munaymanta!

Rev. Dr. Sandy

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