Political Climate and the Red Road!

With all that’s happening in the world and in our United States, it may appear that we are sinking below the waters. We have a government that is seemingly opposed to healing the environment, providing affordable health care for the least affluent, separating and dividing our society into factions that oppose one another for the same causes and purpose in life.

Yes, it looks gloomy out there! However, there is something this president has done that no others of late have been able to do. There is a reason for everything and this president is waking up the world! Everywhere, across our own country and around the world people are waking up to the idea of healing and oneness. It is not just the idea, but people are actually taking action.

Healing and oneness are a practice of living rightly, of planting seeds both figuratively and literally, of taking steps in our own homes to prevent and heal the seemingly hostile environment that surrounds us. We are waking up to seeing life in ourselves and others similarly, inclusively and honestly, and we’re making change.

We are waking with a new awareness. In Native America we walk the Red Road. That is, moving and living through this life walking strong, but with tender foot; it is living in a way that honors the sacred in all living things. It is seeing the light in others as in ourselves. It is caring for and nurturing our environment. It is caring for and nurturing the elderly, the infirm and those less fortunate than ourselves.

People around the world are beginning their journey along the Good Red Road. One by one, each individual is taking a stand against tyranny and oppression, against racism, mysogeny, and homophobia. There is a light shining in the hearts and minds of the human race that has been dormant for a very long time. We still have a long way to go, but we are beginning, we are waking up to our own strengths and determination to do what is good and right. You won’t see this in the news or on social media; this doesn’t make for sensationalism, but it is happening.

Take some time out right now to think about what it is you can do on a daily basis to begin your journey along the Good Red Road. Take into consideration the following:

Environment: recycle; keep your car maintained; donate old items to those in need; downsize; power down or off all your electronics at night when you go to sleep…

Health: buy and eat organic; educate yourself on grocery store labels, including the ones on fruits and vegetables; look into alternate (natural) health practitioners; exercise 10-15 minutes a day or more; end bad habits like smoking, sugar consumption and over or under eating…

Humans: When you stop into a market, dry cleaner, gas station, or agency, say hello with a smile, ask how the clerk’s day is going, wish them a fabulous day, compliment him or her. If you know of an elder, child or anyone who is struggling, find out what you can do to help: mow the lawn, donate seasonal clothing, but a few extra groceries for a family or elder without enough food.

Stand for a Cause: Stand up for those being oppressed. Don’t be a bystander, say something, do something to stop a bully. Draw attention to what is going on. Name names. Don’t get involved with gossip. Don’t allow others to pull you down to their level. Rise up. Stand up.

Your soul will thank you, the human race will thank you, our environment will thank you…and it will show! You will be a beacon of light shining for all to see and feel. When you walk the Red Road others will follow. Invite them along for the wonderful healing journey! Best of all, it’s free!

Many Blessings!
Rev. Sandy

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