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Intentional Self has created an alliance with counselors, therapists and holistic practitioners with a goal to help everyone achieve their personal greatness on this earth. We are the Ministers of Personal and Spiritual Development and Human Potential Mastery!

Learning is growth and growth is evolution. Everyone is here on this planet to grow and evolve, and evolution is a continual process. As part of our mission we want everyone to achieve his or her personal, spiritual and professional greatness and we are excited and passionate about sharing our expertise with you. You drive the passion and the reason we do what we do!

Stephanie Woods: Certified, Advanced Master, Harmonic Sound Therapist

Stephanie is a Certified, Advanced Harmonic Sound Therapist using ancient Himalayan Singing Bowls. She holds group and private singing bowl sessions to facilitate pain and stress reduction, and to achieve effortless relaxation and meditation. She holds a 3x certification @ 9Ways Academia with founder and senior lecturer, Mitch Nur, PhD, in Quakertown, PA earning her the titles of Advanced Master Singing Bowl Practitioner and Harmonic Therapist. Working since 2010 offering in-home group and private sessions in the New England area she has performed for ‘employee appreciation days’ at various business; at gallery openings, shower parties, solstice ceremonies, and has given educational talks at libraries in the community. Several years ago, she became fascinated by the Himalayan Singing Bowls. She discovered that their musical tones and vibrational frequencies have a transformative effect on people, and she delights in providing the gentle, transcendental tones to everybody that experiences a session. Stephanie approaches the bowls as musical instruments using intervals and phrases that are more familiar to the Western ear. This allows a person to totally relax into the sound, giving the body a much-needed avenue towards self-healing. Visit Stephanie at:

Belma Moreira: Licensed Massage Therapist

If you are looking for combined wellness from body to skin to soul, I am the therapist for you! It is my heart and joy to take care of others... Let me take care of you! I am a dually Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician with specialties in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Cupping. I also provide Deep Tissue, Swedish and Shiatzu. I will be adding Reiki and Orthopedic massage to my healing techniques as well as learning Lash Extensions to build upon my Esthetics License. I have been in the medical industry since 2004. I chose a new direction and pursued a career in the healing arts and Massage Therapy so that I could provide hands on healing for the people that I meet along this journey. Life has taught me to be flexible and to be forever growing and adapting. I am focused on growth both personally and professionally and I am excited to add new modalities to my repertoire so that I can fuel my passion and expand my reach to help each and every one of you!

Maria Rosa: Hatha Yoga Instructor

My passion is the practice of Hatha yoga, or yoga of posture. This branch of yoga uses physical poses or Asana, Breathing Techniques or Pranayama, and Meditation to achieve better health and spirituality. There are many styles within this path, including Iyengar, integral,Astanga, and Kripalu. Hatha Yoga is a great path for a peaceful mind and healthy body. When I had a kidney transplant 22 yeas ago, I was searching for a healthy lifestyle. This search began with eating consciously and exercise, and eventually led to yoga. Yoga has been a lifeline for me ever since. It calms my mind and relaxes my body. It’s my refuge any time I feel negativity. I love to teach yoga to all levels and to any age, from children to seniors. My goal is to help as many people I can.

Rev. Tonia Pinheiro: Energy Healer

Experience VORTEXHEALING® DIVINE ENERGY HEALING with Rev. Tonia. This is a healing art that works solely with Divine Light and Consciousness to help you clear your mental, emotional and karmic conditioning, balance your meridians and energize your body as a whole, returning you to emotional balance and energetic strength so that health prevails. As one of the most powerful and advanced healing tools we have, VortexHealing® is able to work very deeply on both a physical and emotional level, and can be used as a tool for deep transformation. Learn more here. Email to schedule a private appointment. Session fee: $75.

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