What Our Clients Have to Say:

I am happy to recommend Sandy as a coach and trainer as I have observed you present materials in a few of your BNN productions ‘Your Intentional Self’. Your materials and information were well researched and clearly presented, giving all viewers a comprehensive look and direction on how to empower oneself and move forward with personal and professional objectives.

Barbara Barrow-Murray, BNN, Community TV Studio Manager

Intentional Self LLC is dedicated to coaching, uplifting and guiding people out of self-imposed limitations and into the life they most desire to live, intentionally.

Tonia Pinheiro, Group Facilitator, Sound Healer, Improv Actor & Coach, Administrator

I have known Sandy for a number of years and without a doubt I can share that she is a true people’s person, a human being whose mission in this life is to serve and help people enjoy totally satisfied and complete lives. Through her coaching and interactions she is able to quickly make a powerful connection with her clients and that enhances the healing process. She takes her work very seriously and with a high level of responsibility and ownership in everything she does, she is able to obtain successful results. The techniques she employs are simple yet powerful and backed by years of proven results. She lives life to the fullest and desires everyone else to do the same.

Alejandro Jorge Tornado, Applications Engineer at Siemens Energy

The Intentional Self Alliance are gifted trainers who approach their work with love, compassion, empathy, and skill. Their gentle, inspirational spirit can be felt from the very first moment you make an encounter with them, and it will guide you as you walk through the doors that continue to open in your work together.”

Patti DeRosa-MSW/Consultant/Musician, Randolph MA

“I can’t tell you how much I have grown in the short time I spent with the Intentional Self team. The approach is real and doesn’t allow me to feel sorry for myself. Instead I was empowered in ways you would not imagine. Now I am achieving success in all areas of my life, whereas before I was just surviving. I love you all. You literally saved my life!”

W.M. Tilly, Canton MA

The darkest days of my life are just a fading memory now. The Intentional Self technique, and the Alliance’s compassion and ability to really see me was like the sunrise coming over the horizon to brighten and nurture my world.

Sonja Rodriguez, Jamaica Plain, MA

I can’t say enough about the Intentional Self Alliance. They helped my small business take a giant leap to a level I didn’t expect I would reach for another few years. I will definitely bring them back to help my employees.

J.R. Wright, Lawrence MA

About the HMS Holistic Therapy Group:

“This experience was very enlightening. The space & environment definitely compliments the objective. The Singing Bowls were a great touch.”

“A very relaxing experience. The Tibetan Bowls were a compliment to the hypnotherapy. Sandy’s voice is very healing.”

“Everything was wonderful. Having the chance to meet my inner advisor was interesting and revealing.”

“I asked my inner advisor for help from pain. It happened. I can’t wait to do this again.”