The HMS© Solution for Organizations

Staff, Employees, Supervisors, Managers, Directors, Executives…


Stress relief and increased energy & productivity, total relaxation, mindfulness, instinctive awareness and confidence restore emotional, mental and physical imbalances increase creativity, fresh ideas, productivity, workplace harmony collaboration, cooperation and internal organizational synergy.

How? H.M.S. of Course!

Guided Progressive Relaxation (Hypnotherapy) Guided Visualization, Creative Affrmation and Meditation (Meditation) All while listening to the Healing, Restorative and Balancing tones of Ancient Himalayan Singing Bowls (Sound Therapy).

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Stephanie Woods,

Certified, Advanced Harmonic Sound Therapist

  • Promotes healing and balance
  • Increases the energetic vibrations of body and emotions
  • Enhances stress reduction, comfort, relaxation, mood, confidence, resilience
  • Creates a deeper meditative state

Rev. Dr. Sandy Range, Ph.D., LMHC

Licensed, Holistic Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Cherokee Elder

  • Guides the subconscious mind to:
  • Restructure conscious thinking and behavior
  • Release toxic energy from mind, emotions and body
  • Improve creativity, harmony and productivity
  • Promote mental, emotional and physical agreement
  • Enhance and strengthen organizational synergy