NASAIM - Where Turtle Island Meets Heart Island

North American & South American Indigenous Medicine-Shamanism

Shamanic healing sessions can assist in the removal of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments and dis-ease. It can reverse early stages of disease and help to bring back full vitality, strength and stamina.

Because shamans work at the soul level healing can relieve illness and conditions that may not be helped by traditional methods, and can assist those who are already under traditional treatments to heal faster!

What Shamans do:

Soul-extraction, Soul-retrieval, Soul-restoration, Herbal healing, Physical, Mental & Emotional healing, Divination, Dream Work, Soul Leading. Cutting of Ties, Ancestral work, and more…

What you receive:

Good health and wholeness in mind, body and soul.


Through heartfelt love, compassion, technique, and a little help from our guides! Shamans utilize the healing energy and properties of kind, compassionate, helping and loving spirits.

Distance healing is also an option and works the same way with full effect. We will need a full-length photo of you, front and back.

All sessions are private and confidential.

Questions? We invite your inquiries

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