New! Whole Being Mega Sessions

Experience a Whole Being Mega Session of Progressive Relaxation with Hypnotherapeutic suggestions for your wellbeing and growth. You will be taught to reinforce what is given to you. PLUS

Smudging to clear away any negative & toxic energy.

Reiki treatment to clear and heal the subtle bodies.

Organic Tuning with Sound Vibration (Tuning Fork Frequencies) to realign and charge your energy systems to their correct and potent frequencies.

Your body will be happier and more relaxed. Your mind will become more focused and at peace. You will connect with your true self in spirit. You will come away feeling rejuvinated, alive, whole, refreshed and at One with yourself.

Tell me what you would like to work on and/or heal prior to your appointment. Special transformational suggestions will be developed just for you while you lay back and relax for one solid hour (or more). By appointment only. Contact Rev. Dr. Sandy

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